Training on a Schedule

You can train for a triathlon and have a life. Training for any distance event
is a commitment. I can’t promise it won’t consume your mind, but I can
offer training guidelines so that your time in the water or on the road doesn’t
chew up every available minute of your day.
I will offer detailed week-by-week training schedules for each of
the event distances. But before you start following the schedules, be sure
you can comfortably do the first week’s training for each sport. If not, spend
some time building your endurance in the sport(s) in which you’re weakest.
When you have a solid fitness base, you can train for a Sprint triathlon in as
little as four hours a week over a 12-week period. That’s doable.
As you increase your event distance, plan to increase the time you spend
training — in some cases, double that time. For example, to prepare for an
Olympic distance, you’ll want to allow for eight hours a week for 20 weeks. A
Half-Iron will demand at least ten hours a week for 24 weeks.
An Ironman — well, forget what I said about not consuming your life. You
will eat, sleep, and breathe triathlon training for the better part of a year, or
at least 30 weeks. Everything you do, you’ll think first, “How will this affect my training?” But by the time you get to the point where you’re ready to
compete in an Ironman, you’ll be so hooked on triathlons that this will actually
sound good to you! :)

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