Making time for transitions

The links between the three sports in a triathlon are called transitions, and in a
triathlon there are two — one from the swim to the bike (called T1) and another
from the ride to the run (called T2). Transitions take place in a designated area
where you’ll rack your bike and lay out everything you need for your event.
Getting from your swim onto your bike can take anywhere from 5 minutes
to 20, depending on how well prepared you are before your event and how
much you practice going from one sport to the next.
If you follow the training schedules, you’ll put two sports
together before your event, either going from a swim to a bike ride or a ride
to a run. You don’t have to train in all three sports in one day, but you’ll definitely
want to get your muscles used to going from one sport to the next in
dual-sport workouts.
On your two-sport training days, you can set up a transition area to practice
placing your gear and getting it on and off quickly and easily.

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