How to fuel your body and mind

You can fit triathlon training into any lifestyle, but you do need to
be prepared for it to take hold in areas you didn’t expect. To maintain your
energy and your motivation, you’ll be making changes to your diet, your
sleep habits, and your way of thinking — and if you’re following a plan and
staying focused, these changes will all be overwhelmingly positive.
After you begin training, you’ll find it easy to identify those days when you
didn’t get enough sleep or eat a nutrition-packed meal. Even what you’re
thinking can affect your workout that day.
As you train, you’ll begin to focus on how your body works, not so much on
how it looks. Eat a bagel and drink a cup of coffee for breakfast and then try to
get through a tough swim or an 80-minute bike ride. You’ll notice how it affects
your performance — and you’ll grab that protein- and carb-rich breakfast and
an extra glass of water the next morning.
Try this exercise some day while you’re training: Tell yourself you’re tired,
you can’t do this, you’ll never make it to the next telephone pole . . . and you
won’t. If you focus on bad thoughts, stress, or anger, you’ll feel your form fail
and your speed slow. Go out and keep your thoughts on your power, your
strength, how good it feels to be moving, and you’ll keep moving. Yep, your
mind is that good.

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